Provençal Picnic Wedding for Eighty

Having finally gotten around to writing wedding thank you cards, I realized today that I’ve yet to post about our wedding reception. We decided pretty early on that we wanted to have a picnic for our wedding, which had a bit of a provençal theme. As far as we were concerned there was only one option for caterer, our friend Martine, whose food we discovered at Lili’s on the Green, a Galiano establishment that unfortunately is no longer. We had no doubt that the food would be tasty, that all the logistics would be taken care of, and that Martine would stay within our budget. But we had no idea what to expect when we sat down with Martine to tell her that we wanted to serve our guests on picnic blankets on the ground, from picnic baskets; that we wanted to keep things local; that some of our guest were vegetarian and some were in turns allergic to nuts, wheat, gluten, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and dairy; that we wanted pies and tarts instead of a cake; and that we wanted to roast a whole lamb on a spit. Martine rose to the occasion and took our vision much further than we’d imagined. The picnic baskets were an absolute delight of discoveries and the food was the hit of the evening—over and over our guests asked us where we found such an amazing caterer in such a tiny island community—people even asked for recipes!
Really, then menu speaks for itself: Dinner Menu—in the baskets Home-made fresh breads Focaccia with roasted garlic & rosemary Organic baguette Gluten-free vegan cornbread with fresh corn & green scallions Artisan cheeses, spreads & compound butters Home-made apple & basil spread Jar of ratatouille Saltspring Island Goat cheese Little Qualicum Spice Whipped herb butter Fresh champagne grapes Salads Steamed asparagus spears with orange vinaigrette Tomato, kalamata olives, bocconcini & fresh oregano salad Organic mixed greens with walnuts, pears & feta cheese in a light lemony dressing French-style potato salad with green beans in grainy Dijon dressing Main courses (served from platters) Roast organic lamb on the spit fried organic chicken Barbecued wild salmon Vegetarian tart (contains dairy, wheat) Dessert Latticed fruit & nut tarts with strawberry coulis & whipped cream: `~ Almond and chocolate ~ ~ Pecan ~ ~ Pine nut and raisin ~ ~ Cherry ~ ~ Organic blackberry ~ ~ Mango ginger ~ ~ Blueberry ~ ~ apple ~ Vegan raw truffle torte with coulis Thanks Martine. It truly was perfect. August 2008



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